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hans_petI am Hans Schoelink, 53 years of age and born with an 'Adventure problem' & owner of Come-Along Safari. Fascinated by wildlife and wide open spaces I knew that Africa was for me the place to be. Since 1996 I've done numerous Self Drive Safaris by 4x4 in Southern Africa and because of this I became highly experienced & knowledgable how to travel this part of Africa on your own. 

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I did my first Self Drive Safari in 1996 when touring South Africa but the first serious test was in 1998 when I spend 3 months in Botswana & Namibia exploring these countries by 4x4. The biggest undertaking I did in Africa was in 2001 when I drove all the way from Cape Town across Africa & the Middle East back to Europe in a 4x4. In 2002 I decided to spend another 3 months in southern Africa and bought my first Land Rover Defender in Pretoria and after 7 years and 2 other 4x4's I choose to sell my private vehicle and from then on take the best 4x4 available for my personal Self Drive Safaris.

Come-Along Safari was founded in 2002 en from early 2009 on I went Full-time! We aim to be the best in the Self Drive Safari business. Not seeking for numbers but rather for quality! My passion is exploring Africa by means of a Self Drive Safari and being involved in making yours happen that's my goal. We are looking forward to helping you become a modern day Stanley Livingstone. Available 24/7 for our customers...

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